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There is so much good work to do right now as we move our communities and the planet towards a sustainable future.  Join us on any of the projects we have in motion, or better yet, we can help you start a new one.  Either way, let’s make it happen.

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Some of the activities sponsored by the Red Eft Project:

Whaleback Environmental Film & Art Festival

Tremendous momentum has been building for artists that speak to our personal connection with nature and provide thought-provoking commentary on sustainability and personal responsibility.  Eco-artists and filmmakers are emerging with powerful messages, and Red Eft has designed the Whaleback festival to unify their voices right here in Portsmouth!

The seacoast has a strong arts community, and the city is an internationally recognized eco-municipality, making it the perfect home for this emerging genre on the east coast.

The festival is named after the iconic lighthouse that marks the entrance to Portsmouth harbor. Like Whaleback Light, our vision is to establish an event that illuminates and draws in stories and imagery that celebrate our environmental culture.

Whaleback is timed with a number of other sustainability events in Portsmouth during the month of May.

Visit the website dedicated to Whaleback festival at for the latest announcements.

Living Landscapes Institute

First in line of our incubator projects, the folks behind the Living Landscapes Institute have found an innovative way of offering ecological field courses that engage the next generation of researchers, designers, policy makers, and planners.  The first course explores wildlands, working landscapes, and urban ecosystems, by canoe and bicycle.

During a time when many colleges are cutting field and travel courses due to low enrollment and tighter budgets, this independent program solves the problem by forming multiple campus affiliations. This not only fills up a course so it can run, it brings together students from across the country, forming new friendships and peer collaborations they will take with them home to their campuses and into their careers.

The first course explores wildlands,  working landscapes, and urban ecosystems, by canoe and bicycle. Along the way, students directly engage with land managers, farmers, landscape architects, and designers who share how their innovative approaches to complex environmental challenges are deeply influenced and shaped by contemporary ecological thought.

For more detail about the mission and philosophy of Living Landscapes Institute, download this one-page flier: Living Landscapes Institute Flier

Lancaster Community Garden

A Red Eft founding member leveraged Red Eft resources and support to establish a community garden in New Hampshire’s North Country! Jump to the garden’s project page here.